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Study Strategies

Being at University I have often found the way I study being challenged by the workload provided by my subjects. It is because of this that the way I study is constantly changing and improving to be more efficient and... Continue Reading →


The Point About OPEN DAYS IS….

Apart from all the free stationery and free food you get when attending Open Days, these days are ones not to be missed. I started going to Open Days when I was in year nine. I loved the idea of... Continue Reading →

What’s up with Mid-Year exams?

June is around the time where there are the GAT and Mid-Year Exams. But what is the point of having Mid-year exams? During year 11 and 12, nobody at my school understood why we had to mid-year exams and neither... Continue Reading →

Top APPS for VCE & Uni

We live in a world that is filled with technology and I would be amiss if I didn't write an article about apps that I used through VCE and ones that I use at the moment for studying at uni.... Continue Reading →

Making The Most Out of Public Transport Travel

Both during my VCE and now at university, I take the train a lot! To get to school I usually took two trains and sometimes a bus. At uni this varied from a combination of train, trams, and buses- the... Continue Reading →

Chemistry- Year 11

**New**  Essential Year 11 Formulas

Free Lectures; Are they any good?

Without a doubt, free lectures is the best thing "free" thing you can do for yourself during year 12. During year 12 I spent hours scouring the interwebs to find affordable lectures that I could go to and I found... Continue Reading →

If Year 12 Has Got You Down.

Whenever studying has got you down here are a few things that really helped me during year 12 to get my spirits up Take a five-minute break and watch a ( or a couple) pep talks from Kid President. No... Continue Reading →

Stationery Shopping 101

When you get your stationery list for year 11 or 12 it usually only tells you to buy the bare essentials and some people go to Big W or Officeworks to buy their supplies cheaper instead of using the textbook/stationary... Continue Reading →

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