This blog is about what to do on exam day- if you are looking out for tips on getting prepared for the VCAA exams check out this blog Getting Ready For The VCAA Exams.

I get massive exam anxiety and so when I looked up exam tips on how to calm down before exams one of the most common tips that I came across was

Don’t hang around with the nervous paranoid

people on the morning of the exam. — they’ll just stress you out, which doesn’t help at all.

Now- between you and me this tip can only go so far.

You can’t just ignore your friends on the day of your and their exam. True, that some people cope better with exam stress than others but you don’t pick your friends on how well they “behave” on the day of your and their big exam.

So what do you do then? Well… You help them calm down and in doing so I found that I calmed myself too. Encouraging words in your heard are great before an exam are great but when they are said out loud to your friends ( and secretly yourself) they can work wonders.


Read the examiners report!

Do not second guess yourself- trust your instincts

You may do as many practice exams as you like and lead up to having 30mins to an hour spare to double check your answers. But! When you get into that exam, sit at your seat- everything is different. You haven’t trained in this environment and the feeling that everything that you have learned over your 13 years of education is riding on your answers on the sheets in front of you.

I got up to an hour of spare time in all of my trail exams but each time I got into that exam hall I only just managed to finish my exams and with my math exam I wasn’t able to finish that one ( not even close). So what am I trying to say?? Well, believe it or not, I am not trying to scare you before you enter to do your exams. I am trying to pre-warn you to not to be too cocky heading into the examination room- you can not possible control how you will react. Not even the trial exams that I did in the exact same hall, with the exact same students and even the exact same observers gave the amount of pressure I felt that moment I walked into the doors of my gym the day of my exams.