Choose a way to organise your notes and stick to it!

During the VCE you will receive a tonne load of worksheets and homework that you are bound to lose homework that is due the next day sometime or another. To prevent this from happening you need to discover a way that suits you to organise your notes. I went through a number of organising systems before I found the one that worked for me.

It may take some time to figure things out but the time you spend now will give you many benefits in your near study filled future.

Here are some note organising systems that you may want to try:

  • For each subject make sure you have a notes book where your handwritten notes and pasted in handouts and another book for your working out, textbook question/answers and pasted in worksheets. **HINT** If you are to use this method be sure to use large exercise books, no less than 100pg. If they are smaller then you will start to accumulate books and it becomes difficult to revise for later SAC’s/Exams.
    All of my notes, worksheets and SAC’s were placed into these folders. The black folder were for all of my trial exams.








But above all else… you must stay consistent!  If you change your system once you start doing a 3/4 subject you will stay