The summer before you start year 12 may seem like it will be all fun and games but don’t be fooled there is going to be some pre-school work involved.

  1. Go to  VCESS Summer School- Melbourne University
  2. Getting past exams – teachers are not going to give them to you at the start of the year… Download all of the VCAA exams from 2013 upwards ( When previous study design started) for each of your subjects INCLUDING the assessor’s report for each exam- do not understand the power of the assessors report.
  3. Make sure you have most of your predicted needed stationery for the year. Click Here for some tips on stationery shopping.
  4. Have all of your textbooks purchased and that you know what topic you are going to start off with for each subject. Knowing this look up the topic in the VCAA study design so you are aware what knowledge can be examined and what needs to focused on.
  5. Create a “plan of attack” for the first week/fortnight of the school term. What does this mean? Well, have a goal that you want to achieve by the end of the fortnight. Whether this is to deciding how you are going to organise your notes for each of your subjects or to master a particular topic. Continue to make a new goal every week/fortnight because although a big goal ( that may be to finish year 12, to get a particular ATAR, etc) but it is just as important to have many little goals that accumulate to your big goal.
  6. Create a good study space- this includes a good light source, a comfortable chair and free of distractions.
  7. Last but not least: HAVE FUN! Be with your friends and enjoy the holidays. I went bowling, trampolining and did a lot of photography. Hobbies are an essential part of year 12 both during the holidays and during the term, cherish them.


Enjoy your holidays.


xx A.Elizabeth