These schemes do not mean that you get an easy ride to get into a great course- you do and MUST try your very best in this year because of everything counts. No matter how small you think your sac mark contributes to your overall study score you must act like it is the end of year VCAA exam.

These guarantees are created for those who try their very best in whatever circumstances they had to deal through in year 12 and still miss their dream courses clearly in ATAR by a few points.

If you are not one of these people then I suggest this is not the article for you.

So five days before I had access to my ATAR  I received an email about Monash Guarantee. This was something that I didn’t even consider until I looked on my iPad and saw the email. At first, I thought it was something like Melbourne University’s  deal where you have to have been in dire circumstances to be given a slight leniency. But when I looked up the Monash Guarantee it was something that I didn’t expect.

How it works is that if your situation fits one of these:

Then you may be eligible for this scheme. The ATAR starts at 70.00 but the ATAR requirements have been dropped as much as 10 points from the normal clearly-in.

This is something that should definitely be considered if you fit in these categories.


More schemes and programs will be added as the year goes on so watch this space.



xx   A.Elizabeth