Whenever studying has got you down here are a few things that really helped me during year 12 to get my spirits up

  1. Take a five-minute break and watch a ( or a couple) pep talks from Kid President. No matter how you are feeling these videos will give you Five Minutes of non-stop smiling. Here are a few of my favourite pep talks:
  2. Take a walk/ run and listen to your favourite music whilst exercising. During my SWOT VAC and Exam period, I rode 10km to the beach the day before each of my exams and it was the best thing I could have done. It made me feel more confident and relaxed and ready to tackle the upcoming SAC’s/ Exams.
  3. Spend ten minutes meditating. I found the best app for this is “Smiling Minds” because it is simple to use and the meditation sessions are short. Meditation helps you clear your mind for a few moments in your day where the rest of the day is bustling with other worries filling your days.
  4. Play an instrument/sing-karaoke/dance. I played an instrument for fun during year 12, I also sang- A LOT! I always studied 1hr and then a 15min break and in this break I would always put on a song that I currently liked and sang my heart out with it, after I started to know the words I would put on the karaoke version and then try my best to mimic the singer.
  5. Talk to someone. In year 12, you must have someone you can go to and who will stand up for you. This might be an experienced friend, teacher, or family member. Since I was the first person in my family to complete year 12 no one in my family really understood what I was going though so it made it difficult for me to talk to them and them to understand and give me the correct help. But, I had an amazing Welfare Coordinator at my school who I could always talk to and she knew how help me in the best way. I came into her office crying uncontrollably and two minutes in her office I wasn’t crying anymore. You need to find a person who is just as amazing who can support you with anything/everything during year 11 and 12.

There will be high moments and many low moments in your journey through VCE, just remember that there is always light at the end of the struggle, we all just need to push through it together!

Best of luck, remember there are so many people in your same position so you are not alone. 🙂


xx A.Elizabeth