During year 12 I spent hours scouring the interwebs to find affordable lectures that I could go to and I found that there are not that many to choose from. There is always two extremes when it comes to lectures – either they are free or they are really expensive. Now although there are not that many to choose from when it comes to free (or close to) lectures when revising for that upcoming SAC or Exam. But I thought that it would still be worthwhile to list the lectures that I attended and I think that you should give a go at attending too.

vce-lectures-670-200    Cost: FREE   Subject(s): Chemistry and Biology.  Provider: Monash University.  The absolute BEST lecture I went to, paid and free, was the lecture series given by Monash University- Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science campus in Parkville. This lecture series was for Chemistry and it runs throughout the year on Wednesdays @ 5:30pm-6:30pm. The lecturer is really experienced and the notes are fantastic.They are printed out for you when you enter the lecture theatre and they are also emailed to you around a week after the lecture has occurred, so if you miss out on one of the lectures never fear because you will still be given access to some pretty neat tips and tricks with the powerpoint slides. The duration is only an hour each time so you won’t get bored and the lecturer is really engaging. How to apply:  Click on the following link- Free VCE chemistry and biology seminars and look for the link that says “Join our mailing list” and follow the prompts.

laser_show_2_imagelargeCost: FREE    Subject(s): Physics.  Provider: The University of Melbourne. Theses lectures are a bit different where the lectures focused on combining current research to what is being taught in the study design and in year 12 classrooms. This was more of a seminar series, but it really does expand your knowledge and allows you to connect ideas together between the topic you are learning and real life applications. They run throughout the year on Thursdays @6pm at the Parkville campus in the city. There are some previous year lecture slides available on their website too so you can have a look at the quality of the lectures before you decide to sign up.  How to apply:  Click on the following link- Physics Outreach and look for the section that says “VCE Lectures” and you can either email them directly with the email provided or follow their facebook page for updates with the up and coming VCE lectures.