We live in a world that is filled with technology and I would be amiss if I didn’t write an article about apps that I used through VCE and ones that I use at the moment for studying at uni.

This is just a list of general apps I used, subject specific apps that I used can be found here. All of the listed apps are FREE.

 Ipad/iPhone (ios)

  • iBooks. I used this to access all of the pdf documents that I download, this was just good for chapters I wanted to read on the train to get a heads up of what was happening in class.
  • Pages / numbers / keynote*. These are only free if you have a later version of iPad. This is great for accessing Word documents and PowerPoints on your iPad without needing office 365.
  • Smiling Minds. This app was great for those days where life got a bit too much. It is a  meditation app and it really helped me to take 5 mins just to calm down.-Android
  •  Adobe pdf reader, during the middle terms of year 12 the number of documents that need to be downloaded were enormous and most of the time they were pdf so the best and cheapest option I found was Adobe pdf reader  (iBooks is the ios  equivalent)
  • VLC media player. I always download youtube videos and put them on my phone so that I can watch them on my commute to school. Whether this was some tutorial videos or entertainment videos. I always found the option to speed the videos up or down depending on how hard the content was really useful.
  • Melbourne Train Trapper. If you use trains a lot then this is an absolute must have!! A friend put this app on my phone I have been grateful ever since. You don’t need to use your data to find out when the next train is and how long it will take you to get to your destined station or home. It’s amazing and way better than the PTV app.
  • Your email providers app. I have outlook and it saves so much time when I check my email when I go through the app instead of going through my web browser and logging in every single time. Also, most schools provide you with a school email (aka Gmail) and having the Gmail app for this is great.

For both IOS and Android.

  • Google maps. During year 12  I went to a lot of revision lectures and you are most likely to go to some too and the worst thing I found was to be late of being lost. Google maps is great because if you take public transport to these new locations it will tell you the quickest commute route with times and its great.
  • Lost on campus- again this is for you to help you navigate through the different universities that you will go to during VCE. Whether this is going to a lecture or going to open days. Universities are confusing places and this will help you be less of a noob than you actually are.

This list is forever expanding because I am always finding cooler apps that I use both on my iPad and on my phone. If you have some great free apps that help you study ( and with life) feel free to comment and I will be happy to add them to this list.


xx A.Elizabeth