June is around the time where there are the GAT and Mid-Year Exams.

But what is the point of having Mid-year exams? During year 11 and 12, nobody at my school understood why we had to mid-year exams and neither did I. We were still getting taught new material days before we were going to be examined on it which meant that I didn’t have time to study at all because I was still learning the new content.

So I took the “no study” option. Which meant that I didn’t revise at all and just took the exam as an experience and also a way to test what I “really knew”.

Really knowing the information…. I found when I did study for the mid-year exams I gave myself a false indicator in what I was able to retain during the semester. But the difference was that I constantly revised throughout the year and this meant that I was able to remember information more consistently than just revising during SWOT VAC.

The question you need to answer is: Does the Mid-year exam affect my grade. In year 11, most schools make mid-year exams contribute to your grade but in year 12 most schools don’t.

In saying all of this, mid-years is not a time of stress. It’s a time to be proud of your achievement and what you have learned- YOU ARE HALFWAY THERE!

All the best,

xx A.Elizabeth