If you live in the Western Suburbs and require tutoring then VCE Inspire tutoring is for you.

School is hard and here at VCE Inspire we are committed to make it just that bit easier for you and your journey through high school and especially VCE.

Whether you need help with just one subject or a few, we are here to help. Each session is tailored to the students needs and goals that they want to achieve so that they can reach their full potential.

Tutoring sessions starts a few weeks after school begins each year and we accept entries all year round. Here at VCE Inspire our goal is to have our students comfortable in how they feel and cope with their subjects before seeking extra help. That is why we start a few weeks into school starts and not straight away on the first day of school.

However, if requested holiday sessions can be arranged. Conditions Apply.

Tutoring occurs in public spaces, most frequently libraries but other places can be arranged.

How the sessions work: 

A standard session is a 1 hour weekly session but some students may want to have a 2hr fortnightly session or more frequent number of sessions depending on how they feel they are coping with their subject or if there is a big SAC/Exam coming up.

There are no contracts, you can cease your tutoring sessions at any time ( prepaid bulk sessions will not be refunded).

Communication between tutor and student is mainly via email and Edmodo. An Edmodo account will be made for the student when they have applied for tutoring sessions. This will be used if the student has a question or a concern and it is outside of their tutoring session. While this help is limited, the tutor can be contacted whenever and they will try their best to answer the students’ questions in a timely matter at no extra cost to the student. The student will also be given access to VCE Inspires’ resources of notes, practice exams and more via Edmodo.

Costs and Prices: 

All prices can be discussed, if necessary.

**MOST POPULAR**  1hr Weekly Session [Individual] : $10 per session

  • 1hr Casual Session [Indiviual]: $15 per session
  • 2hr Fortnight Session [Individual]: $22 per session
  • 1hr Weekly Session [Group of Two, bring a friend]: $8 each per session
  • 1hr Weekly Session [Group of 3, if applicable]: $5 each per session

Pre-paid bulk sessions: Book yourself in for a set of 10, 1hr weekly sessions: $80 ($8 per session)

Pre-paid bulk sessions: Book yourself in for a set of 10, 1hr casual sessions: $120 ($12 per session)

If there is not a price listed for what frequency of sessions you have in mind please select the “other” option in the “Session Frequency” question in the Expression Form below and list your preferred unlisted frequency and it can be discussed.

Tutoring Expression of Interest Form